New To Netflix February 2020: Horror, Mystery, & Thriller Content

There’s a bunch of new content that dropped in January and February, so today, we review what is the worst to the best for Horror, Mystery, and Thriller content. A new grading scale is presented in this video, let me know what you think of it instead of a top 5 list!

There are a total of 8 films, so stick around and find out what is the best to watch on the streaming giant and what to avoid. We examine old thrillers like Raising Cain and What Lies Beneath, classic horror gems like Evil Dead and Tremors while looking at the new mysterious content like Horse Girl and the Girl on the Third Floor while keeping you far away from horror shite like a Nightmare on Elm Street remake and Polaroid.

We tried a new editing tactic too, love to hear feedback. Was there something else that dropped in these categories in January and February that we should have discussed? Drop a comment below and tell us how we screwed up!

Army of Darkness (What Did Jacki K Watch? day 26)

Army of Darkness Poster

Army of Darkness Poster

GUYS IT MIGHT HAVE TAKEN ME 17 YEARS OF PURE LOVE OF HORROR TO FINALLY WATCH ARMY OF DARKNESS, BUT PLEASE RESTRAIN FROM THE HATE COMMENTS. I love horror right? I have since the age of like 6. And I was always told that the Evil Dead is this amazing, cheesy, horror franchise of blood, gore, and crazy shit. But after I was scared and scarred after watching the first installment I dubbed the franchise to scary to watch by myself. I tried again when the new Evil Dead came out, and got through the first two before seeing the new film in theaters. At the time I figured it was all I needed. And I was right about that. But I was wrong about putting the movie off for so long. Continue reading

Evil Dead – Gory but Good

Poster of Evil Dead

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Last night I was able to see a 10 p.m. showing of the new Evil Dead movie that was produced by original creators Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, and let me tell you it was one gory, gruesome, basic horror movie. Writing this review without any spoilers will most likely be one of the most difficult tasks I have ever been faced with as a writer. But I will do my best for you readers, and if you would like to discuss the movie or any spoilers comment below, and we will have a nice chat! Continue reading

Clever, New Evil Dead Commercial

Poster of Evil Dead (2013)

The Poster is Attention Stealing too.


Tonight I was half heartily watching Family Guy on adult swim at 11 p.m. and I saw an AMAZING new commercial for the new Evil Dead movie coming out this Friday (4/5/13).  You can all count on getting a review from me on the new film Friday sometime, considering I will be seeing it at 10 p.m. Thursday night. Also, just thinking about how terrifying the new film looks I may write it directly afterwards because I probably won’t be able to sleep that night.

I have conducted many internet searches on both Google and Bing and have not found the original new commercial. But thanks to a reader we finally have it so here is the  GREAT, SPONTANEOUS, INTRIGUING, FUNNY, EYE CATCHING COMMERCIAL . I honestly applaud the creators behind the commercial because for the last week I have been force fed the grisly, gory commercials for the movie. And I am not going to lie, last week I was pumped, and I foolishly thought it was coming out last Friday. Silly me right? Well since I let myself down I have stopped paying any attention to the commercials, I’ve seen them a hundred times right? Continue reading