The Conversation (Day 08 of 100)

I am just as boring as this poster depicts. It is not false advertising.

I am just as boring as this poster depicts. It is not false advertising.

Damn if this movie wasn’t misleading, The Conversation (1974) starring Gene Hackman as the lead, Harry Caul, and (hardly in it, Harrison Ford) is a Drama, Mystery, Thriller based around a secret surveillance expert (Hackman) and his recorded conversation of a couple he was spying on in the park for a very secretive client. 

The movie is slow-paced, had forced love interests in it (because really, even in the 70s, was Hackman considered a sex symbol? How much suspension of disbelief is expected of me for this film?), and probably only did well in theaters and with critics because it was the 70s. You know, that time in American history where no one, especially the government could be trusted? We had that whole Soviet Espionage thing happening, and every person everywhere thought they were being spied on, or phone tapped, or that a sleeper agent could “wake” at any moment.

The movie hardly held my interest and was far too long, dragging on for 113 minutes, and was directed by “all star” Francis Ford Coppola, regardless of the director and 3 Academy Award Nominations, the film doesn’t hold up for this new generation of movie goers. What was frightening, and psychologically tormenting about this film doesn’t translate for us today. It was placed on my list as #93 but doesn’t deserve it. 


The Conversation  has a rating of 98% by critics and a shocking 90% by the typical audience. Do not attempt to watch this movie unless you were born after the year of 1980. Even that is pushing it.

Carrie Fisher Joining Episode VII

First Han and now Leia? Be still our unanimous beating Star Wars hearts! Late last night we heard rumors of Fisher reprising her role as the perfect Princess Leia and she has now confirmed herself that she will be a part of the film. Courtesy of Cinema Blend here is the following quote:Fisher's confirmation comments

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Harrison back as Han?

If some of you did not have the best day yesterday, considering it was the ever frivolous hallmark holiday, I have some great news for you! Star Wars fans a like can rejoice in the news that Harrison Ford will be back playing Han is some manner. I heard the news first on Do I know if it will be for one of the individual character spin offs or the soon to be updated trilogy? I have no freaking idea.

It is a bit to early in the game to know what he is doing and if its just for the money. I have some vague recollection that back in the day Harrison hated the Solo character. Which is why Lucas froze him off in carbonite in The Empire Strikes Back. I wonder if it is his old age that makes him reminisce  for his older films (like Indian Jones) or if Disney is just paying him a boat load of money.

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