IFC’s Out There is Not as Out There as We Would Had Hoped


Out There which premiers on February 22 at 10:30 p.m. is IFC’s lack-luster, obscure animation series that leaves you indifferent about what could have been a quirky and fun series.  The show lamely tries to capture the awkward years of youth but the voice acting, animation style, and characters lack sincere thought and believability.

Our main characters consist of Chad Evans (our lead who has just been thrust into the frightful years of adolescence without any real friends), Chris Novak (the leads newly found best friend who is also the schools punching bag), and Jay Evans (the leads younger, imaginative brother). On the whole, most of the characters are run of the mill and nothing to shout about. The only character worth any ones attention is the little brother, Jay, whose inexplicable imagination is the best part of the show. Continue reading