Harrison back as Han?

If some of you did not have the best day yesterday, considering it was the ever frivolous hallmark holiday, I have some great news for you! Star Wars fans a like can rejoice in the news that Harrison Ford will be back playing Han is some manner. I heard the news first on cinemablend.com Do I know if it will be for one of the individual character spin offs or the soon to be updated trilogy? I have no freaking idea.

It is a bit to early in the game to know what he is doing and if its just for the money. I have some vague recollection that back in the day Harrison hated the Solo character. Which is why Lucas froze him off in carbonite in The Empire Strikes Back. I wonder if it is his old age that makes him reminisce  for his older films (like Indian Jones) or if Disney is just paying him a boat load of money.

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