All the President’s Men (Day 01 of 100)

Poster of Film

Today we start 100 days of Summer, where I visit movies on the top 100 Films listed on  Rotten Tomatoes and say a few words about the film and whether or not it stands up to the hype. My first review begins with the last film on the list, All the President’s Men which came out in 1976 and depicted the events that took place to crack the biggest crime of 1972: The Watergate Scandal.

The movie features Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford as Washington Post reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, the same reporters that cracked Watergate. Over all, I believe that the movie is incredibly dated, and although it would have been a marvel of a film in the seventies, today, it wouldn’t even be able to hold a History students attention. Although the film is certified with a 98% score on RT, the movie is slow-paced and lacks any sort of soundtrack and female characters. If there is one thing for sure about All the President’s Men, it is that it is a portal into the past and gives the viewer a perception of the events that took place during Nixon’s presidency.