Doctor Who (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 21)

10 Years ago New Who Premiered! Thank you every day Chris and Billie! You changed my life.

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Ninth and Rose Ninth and Rose

Wow, so, it’s been longer than a week since I have written a blog, but I swear it’s for good reason. I went on that camping trip, then to Cedar Point, and began a new job. SO it’s been a busy week and a half. I haven’t really watched anything new lately, but I did rewatch the first series of Doctor Who to get my younger cousin introduced to the fandom. So today’s post will be about beginning the fanatical, phonomenal Doctor Who franchise again.

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Titanic (What Did Jacki K Watch? Day 01)

Titanic movie poster

Titanic movie poster

For some reason, I decided to put myself through the excruciating pain of watching the Titanic (1997) on television. It is 2013 now, and it has probably been a good 15 years since I originally watched it in theaters when I was the ripe age of seven. Looking back, on that first experience I remember that I couldn’t handle that really chaotic scene on the boat when all things turned to shit. The water bursting through the glass ceiling, the captain going down with the ship, the elderly couple laying in bed waiting for their certain fate, and the ship breaking in half. I forced my mother to take me out of the theater “because I had to pee with watching all the water.” Continue reading