Based on a True Story: Scream 3

Did you know that Scream 3 is ACTUALLY based on a true story? Well, not the murders, 3rd act storyline with Roman, or Sydney Prescott. 20 years ago, screenwriter Kevin Williamson called out Harvey Weinstein for his abuse on women in Hollywood and nobody listened. Well don’t worry Kevin, I heard you loud and clear 20 years after the fact.

Tops to Kevin, because he was literally WORKING for Weinstein when he crafted the script.

If you want to rewatch Scream 3, it is currently on Netflix! Celebrate Weinstein’s sentence of 24 years today (personally should be life IMO) by realizing that Scream 3 is based, on a true story.

Carrie Fisher Joining Episode VII

First Han and now Leia? Be still our unanimous beating Star Wars hearts! Late last night we heard rumors of Fisher reprising her role as the perfect Princess Leia and she has now confirmed herself that she will be a part of the film. Courtesy of Cinema Blend here is the following quote:Fisher's confirmation comments

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