Wilfred Season 3 Premiere (What did Jacki K Watch day 13)

This is how real dogs play poker

So it’s been awhile eh? I feel as though the days of summer finally caught up with me and I became too busy to watch TV. Well there’s that, and the fact that I have been binge watching Smallville and I know for a fact you guys don’t want more thoughts on that. So today I decided to put Smallville away for a bit and watch the season 3 premiere of FX’s Wilfred. A brilliant little cable show that was created for American viewers off of an Australian show WilfredI don’t know much about the show down under, aside from the fact that the character who is the name sake of the show, is played by the same fellow, Jason Gann.

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Smallville (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 12)

Season 3 DVD box

Thank god, Lois Lane replaces that Lana Lang bitch in next season

After watching Man of Steel on Monday, I claimed how the movie would be loads better if they just casted the same actors from Smallville into the film. Me being the stubborn bitch that I am, I decided to go back and finish the series. I never ended up watching the entire series due to conflicts (going to college and all can really eat up your nights) so I just kept buying the box sets telling myself I’d get back to it one day. Well that day was today. I wanted to start at season 4 (I left off somewhere in season 5 but wanted to backtrack) but began at season 3 instead because 4 is at my school apartment and I am at home for the summer. Pretty much a bunch of petty bull shit you probably don’t care about. Continue reading