Galaxy Quest (1999)

The crew of Galaxy Quest

The crew of Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest is a sci-fi comedy, considered to be part of the Star Trek franchise, which is beyond brilliant and relevant to the series still 15 years later. One of the best casting decisions was pulling alien guru Sigourney Weaver on deck and having Tim Allen as the misogynistic Captain Kirk archetype slowly sinking into desperation and the sad realization that he’s a laughing stock? I mean come on, that’s Buzz Lightyear man. To make the cast even more perfect,  Alan Rickman plays our Spock surrogate who never removes his head piece (even while at home gossiping on the phone) and we have Sam Rockwell (Moon and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) as a classic Red-Shirt team member, constantly aware and afraid of being killed off before the first commercial! And these are just a few of the glorious jems in the film that create the perfect realm.

If you have no idea on what the movie is about, shame on you, but here is a pretty simple synopsis taken from to explain a rather difficult summary: “The alumni cast of a space opera television series have to play their roles as the real thing when an alien race needs their help.” ….. And that’s really as the best as it gets.

If you’re a fan of science fiction and haven’t watched Galaxy Quest yet, you need to, even if you’re not a hard core Trekkie, it’s still a great time and delivers the laughs and a general euphoria of happiness whole watching. Making any fandom hope, and maybe even believe that their favorite show could be real. Because who wouldn’t want the Doctor, Captain Kirk, Han Solo,  Rose Tyler, Gamora, Leia, or Ellen Ripley to be real? At least in some alternate universe, they have to exist, right?

The movie making fun of the franchise making fun of the show. Trek-ception?

The movie making fun of the franchise making fun of the show.

Galaxy Quest is currently available on Netflix as of May 2015, I would suggest watching it while also reading the trivia about.

Trekkie J.J. Abrams Now Directing Star Wars?


In the summer of 2009 theaters across America was graced by the reboot of Star Trek with the phenomenal Director J.J. Abrams who is now linked to the Star Wars sequels set for 2015. The rumor mill seems to have been spitting out a different director each month since Disney bought Lucusfilms last October but the wrap seems to be pretty confident about Abrams being the director. Cinema Blend confirms Abrams with two other sources as well.


No ones to say that it is finalized yet but as a Star Wars original fan I am wouldn’t mind putting my eggs into the Abrams basket. He not only had success with Star Trek but he has also has Super 8, Lost, Fringe, Alias under his directors helm with many others as a producer. After the blunders of episodes I-III with Lucas at the helm having a trekkie might not be the worst decision in the world–or the universe. Hopefully fanboys wont be disappointed by this news, but until we have Abrams signature to pull us out of this garbage compactor of a ride I wont hold my breath.

What is your opinion on the matter?