This Is The End (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 09)

This is the End Poster

I saw by far the most amazing movie of the summer tonight. And because of how amazing it was this review will contain spoilers. I honestly don’t know how else to talk about this brilliant Action/Comedy/Horror movie. So if you came to my sight for a spoiler free review, I suggest you search else where. You have been warned.

This Is The End opens with Seth Rogen waiting for his fellow Canadian BFF Jay Baruchel at the airport for a weekend of shenanigans in L.A.  Little did Jay know that he would be spending the Apocalypse  at James Franco‘s new house, one of Seth’s newer friends, whom Jay does not care for. If you didn’t know, this film is based around the worst, funniest, and demeaning sides of the actors themselves. They are their own selves but magnified. And I love that concept of the movie, and so should you. Remember how that same concept was applied to that really shitty 2010 summer release of Grown Upswhere it turned into a giant roast between the cast that wasn’t funny or delivered well? Well, 2013’s This Is The End is the best Action/Comedy I have ever seen in my entire life. My face was actually sore after the movie from smiling the whole 107 minutes. Continue reading

The Great Gatsby, Movie of the Summer?

Poster workThe Great Gatsby is a visually astounding and striking film that will leave you breathless with pain and want. This all coming form a person who yes, read the book in high school ( about six years ago), and probably enjoyed the novel mediocrely, and no did not reread before watching to pick out every damn little flaw and compare and contrast the novel to the movie. I am not a purist when it comes to those details, and I must insist that you do not put yourself under the same strain. Please, as a movie goer, understand that novels and movies are two different forms of entertainment. You can not put the same pressure as a book onto a movie, and you cannot expect a book to be as visually stimulating as a movie. Now that I have explained this to you, I will get back to the movie review. Continue reading