How I Met Your Mother Officially Renewed for Final Season!

Just two hours ago Entertainment Weekly graced the internet with even better news than the muppet sequel! How I Met Your Mother (my all time favorite current sitcom) has been renewed for its ninth and FINAL season. Personally I ask “why not just round it out to a decade of pure awesomeness?” But I do know that most fans (including myself) are getting pretty d*mn antsy about who the hell the mother is to Ted Mosby’s kids!

It is about time that we find out, but how do you hope season 9 will pan out?

Personally these are my  hopeful  predictions:

  • Season 8 will end with either meeting our elusive owner of the bare ankle OR it  will end in a cliff hanger and we will meet her in the season 9 premier.
  • Season 9 will be based around the courtship between the intangible bass player and ever romantic Ted Mosby
  • Lilly and Marshall will become pregnant again (with a girl this time)
  • Hopefully Barney and Robin will have a happy, successful marriage with only a few typical newly wed problems and bumps in the road
  • Season 9 will either end in the marriage between Ted and future wife or with the birth of their first child. (Unless they are twins)

Well those are my thoughts on the  legendary  news that HIMYM will return for a final season. Apparently there was some hesitance in Jason Segal’s corner. How could the show ever last with out our (and Lilly’s) Marshmellow? I am sure he was hesitant because of how much he is doing outside of the TV series. But I am glad to have him on board.

What are your thoughts on the what could be the season 8 finale? What about the series finale? Comment below and tell me what your own predictions are1\!