The Muppet’s are really back!

I just found out, like literally seconds ago that the Muppet’s sequel from the 2011 rebirth is really happening! My go to source was as always cinemablend. Screens will be blessed with our felty friends in March 2014 if all goes to plan with the simply put title The Muppets…Again!


They are currently filming in London and our human leads will consist of Ricky Gervais and Tina Fey. Personally I hope to see more of Neil Patrick Harris in this movie, but that is yet to be seen. I would also hope this film gains more star cameos than the last, I feel as though they were lacking. Jason Segal and Amy Adams are not returning to the film, but I am fine with that considering I think they stole camera time away from the Muppets. ( I freggin love the Muppets). But Walter the whistler (Jason’s felt brother) will be returning. Yay for him.

Does anyone else hope to see a revival in the show if this next sequel does as well or better than the first? The Muppets made $158 million world wide. Personally I would be in front of my screen every week for a new muppet show. had the scoop first and more of the interview between them and Kermit The Frog.