Doctor Who (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 21)

10 Years ago New Who Premiered! Thank you every day Chris and Billie! You changed my life.

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Ninth and Rose Ninth and Rose

Wow, so, it’s been longer than a week since I have written a blog, but I swear it’s for good reason. I went on that camping trip, then to Cedar Point, and began a new job. SO it’s been a busy week and a half. I haven’t really watched anything new lately, but I did rewatch the first series of Doctor Who to get my younger cousin introduced to the fandom. So today’s post will be about beginning the fanatical, phonomenal Doctor Who franchise again.

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Psych: The Musical

USA Network gave psychos a special gift on Sunday the 15th, and I’ll be damned if the giant hiatus (May 29th until now, and another hiatus until Jan 08th) wasn’t worth it, because Psych: The Musical was pure brilliance. The musical is a two hour spectacular that delivers laughs, just the right amount of song and dance, mystery, and a load of surprise guest stars. I cannot guarantee no spoilers, but I can try my hardest. Not to mention you can see all of my spoiler-y goodness while I live tweeted the show. Continue reading

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Double Premiere (2013 Fall Premieres)

The Final Season

The Final Season

Last night was a wondrous night of laughs and getting to know an intricate character for a show that has been near and dear to my heart for nearly 10 years. How I Met Your Motherfinally introduced THE Mother. We have yet to know her name, but Lilly Eriksen was comforted on a train ride to the mythical town of Farhampton by a complete stranger who offered her up some “somofbitch” cookies. Continue reading

Hemlock Grove: To Binge or Not To Binge?

hemlock grove welcome signNot to binge. This Netflix series is one sad excuse of something that had great potential but fell flat after its first episode.

Beware, this review is rated PG-13 borderline R.

Lets back up a little bit though. The first I heard about Hemlock Grove was when I decided to listen to my Pandora station a few weeks ago. They aired a commercial for this horror genre TV show that would be loading up on Netflix all at once. I was pretty excited, I never read the book which is what the show is based off of, but a new TV series that was done by Eli Roth? It sounded right up my alley! Continue reading

IFC’s Out There is Not as Out There as We Would Had Hoped


Out There which premiers on February 22 at 10:30 p.m. is IFC’s lack-luster, obscure animation series that leaves you indifferent about what could have been a quirky and fun series.  The show lamely tries to capture the awkward years of youth but the voice acting, animation style, and characters lack sincere thought and believability.

Our main characters consist of Chad Evans (our lead who has just been thrust into the frightful years of adolescence without any real friends), Chris Novak (the leads newly found best friend who is also the schools punching bag), and Jay Evans (the leads younger, imaginative brother). On the whole, most of the characters are run of the mill and nothing to shout about. The only character worth any ones attention is the little brother, Jay, whose inexplicable imagination is the best part of the show. Continue reading

Zero Hour: Zero Acting, Recycled Plot

Original artwork for ZH

ABC’s new drama Zero Hour, set to premiere on February 14, has potential within its conspiracy storyline, which is unfortunately bogged down by the cast’s mediocre acting skills.

The pilot episode begins with a mysterious scene of Nazis beckoning at the door of a great European Catholic Church which holds a secret older than 2,000 years. This opening scene sets the plot in motion also sets up the audience up for a fast-paced, cryptic episode that leaves the audience asking many questions.

Fast forward 80 some years and we are at a flea market with a couple. The wife, Laila (Jacinda Barret), is a beautiful 30-something year old clock repairer and her incredibly average looking husband is Hank Galliston (Anthony Edwards). Galliston is the publisher of a magazine that focuses on debunking the supernatural. Not only are their occupations utterly absurd for their age and the current time period, but their on-screen chemistry is unconvincing as well. It is depressing to see a network play the ‘hot wife and average husband’ card in a drama of all genres. Continue reading

The Americans- Ignited by Rhys, Smothered by Russell


Whether or not FX’s new period drama The Americans will be the fierce replacement we all need on Wednesdays at 10:00 pm after the season finale of American Horror Story: Asylum has yet to be seen. The pilot begins with a bang that sets viewers up for an edgy season but the episode to episode story line may eventually smother their attentive viewers. Although the episodes are packed with powerful sexual clips and intense action scenes this new series seems slow to the start. Said clips and scenes can be seen in many of the TV spots.

Set in the 1980s during the Reagan administration the focus falls on the intricate, fixed marriage of two KGB spies (Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings) living in Suburban Washington D.C. posing as the typical American family. They have two children, a thirteen year old girl and a ten year old boy who have no idea what mom and dad do. This leads to some intense decision making story lines and a few lighter, humorous family scenes for the show. Watching Phillip (Matthew Rhys) secretly beat the crap out of a man twice his size for hitting on his daughter at the mall was priceless.

Rhys is the gem in this new series, he dawns wigs, glasses, and has an awfully confusing tryst with a very hot but crazy blonde that the couple uses for help in a certain case. He plays secret spy dad stunningly well for a character that is flirting with the American dream. His character is a great big tease to viewers because you never know what this seemingly loose cannon will do next. Will he choose his family or his country; can he have both lives still? He ignites the screen with his presence.

Phillip’s story line is much more interesting than Elizabeth’s, played by Keri Russell. The character is tired and old; a strong, sexy woman fighting for her country and having a difficult past should not be played by the same woman who was once Felicity. It is easy to see that her views and opinions are going to be the main focus of the series which is disappointing because her hair does better acting than she does in the show. For being a spy since the age of 17 her sleuthing skills are terrible—just like her backstory.

An interesting (yet predictable) twist is when Stan Beeman (Noah Emmerich) a counter intelligence FBI agent moves in across the street with his beautiful, witty wife and teenage son.  Stan is a seasoned veteran when it comes to working in the field and in dangerous places. Within his first two minutes at the office you are astounded by how intelligent he is at pin pointing what Russian spies would do next in a sticky situation. And of course, Stan is assigned to the new division of Counterintelligence that is specifically tasked with finding and fighting foreign agents just like Phillip and Elizabeth. Continue reading