Thank a feminist.

After reading a short article on what feminist have done for women throughout time and why we have what rights we do have now. As I read it I took time to see what cones directly effect me:

  • you can vote, thank a feminist –> been a register voter since 2008
  • you get paid as much as men doing the same job, thank a feminist. –>much appreciation
  • you went to college instead of being expected to quit after high school so your brothers could go because “You’ll just get married anyway,” thank a feminist. –>Finishing school before my older brother did
  • you can apply for any job, not just “women’s work,” thank a feminist –>i would hate being a nanny or maid
  • you can get or give birth control information without going to jail, thank a feminist. –>I can sometimes be a concierge of birth control
  • you play an organized sport, thank a feminist. –>I would had been so bored in high school and probably experimented with drugs if it weren’t for sports after school
  • you can wear slacks without being excommunicated from your church or run out of town, thank a feminist. –> not that I go to church, but I would die if I had to wear a dress or skirt all the time.
  • your boss isn’t allowed to pressure you to sleep with him, thank a feminist. –> this would prove to be a problem
  • you have the right to your own salary even if you are married or have a male relative, thank a feminist. –>thank god considering I have a male sibling
  • you get a voice in the raising and care of your children instead of them being completely controlled by the husband/father, thank a feminist. –> if my father would had been the only one raising me I would have turned out alot differently.
  • you are granted a degree after attending college instead of a certificate of completion, thank a feminist. –>I would had probably spat that dean in the face.
  • you have the right to read the books you want, thank a feminist. –> this makes my world.
  • you have the right to keep your medical records confidential from the men in your family, thank a feminist. –> if my father had known that i was on birth control at such a young age, he would had gone crazy
  • you can look forward to a lifespan of 80 years instead of dying in your 20s from unlimited childbirth, thank a feminist. –> I would be dying in less then 9 years, and only accomplished a college degree.
  • you can choose to be a mother or not a mother in your own time not at the dictates of a husband or rapist, thank a feminist. –>thank god for this.
  • you can see yourself as a full, adult human being instead of a minor who needs to be controlled by a man, thank a feminist.–>I wouldn’t had made it very long in this world.

To say the least these are the ones that have influenced me directly then there are maybe another 5 on top of that. Regardless of the manner these women of the past, although they may have been forgotten, their actions have not.

Just because some people think that feminists were radical and unreasonable for their time, doesn’t mean that the time hadn’t called for radical people and action.


~Jacki K