Equality for Women, sexual empowerment

Journal entry: “Where Are We Now?” in terms of equality for women.                                                                                        1/24/2012

To begin this journal entry I would just like to start off by stating where women were in the past in terms of equality. After about 10 minutes of researching and plugging words into Google like “achievements for women equality,”  “women’s equality achievements throughout the decades,” “women’s equality in the 90s,” and failing on finding what I wanted. A simple representation of where women have been throughout the years was all I was asking for. Finally, I figure I’d try “timeline of women’s equality” and boom, second link. Exactly what I was looking for. It depressed me to find this so hard to even come by with my first few attempts. But nowindepent women in the 90s to the my decade representation.

the 90s- For the first time in history married women can be taxed individually and not alongside of their husbands happens, thus making them more independent. Rape in marriage is made a crime. And a new law is passed stating that both women and men can take a 13 week absence to care for children under the age of 5.


the 80s-Women can apply for loan or credit in their own names. Bars and pubs are no longer able to discriminate women and turn away their service. The Equal Pay Amendment is passed allowing women to be paid equally to men, another act passes letting women retire at the same age as men.

the 70s- contraceptives become available, women can no longer be fired for being pregnant, and the National Abortion Campaign is formed


the 60s- women are allowed to keep half of any “allowance” husband gives her, this is the Married Women’s Property Act. First female Minster of State. Contraceptive pill becomes available through Family Planning Clinics, and women strike at a ford company for equal pay

the 50s- Rape is defined “incest, girl under 16, no consent, drugs, anal sex, and impersonation.” women teachers and civil service workers should receive equal pay in Britain.

the 40s and 30s- National service Act passed, women 20-43 can be called for “war work” exceptions to only pregnant women. free access to health care for women (use to be only insured men).

the 20s- women can inherit property equally as men do. Grounds for divorce become equal. Women can vote!

the TEENS- rally for women’s right to vote, women over age 30 able to vote in Britain.

the 1900s- women fighting for right to vote, National Federation of Women Workers is established, can be elected mayor!

First Wave Feminism-1848-1920 Main Focus- RIGHT TO VOTE

That is as far back as I am willing to go for this journal entry. Anyways, to know how far we as women have came, I had to take a look back and see where we have already been. And my commentary on where we’ve been is well, damn! I had no idea that some of these issues were not being resolved until just recently. Looking back and finding out that the definition of rape wasn’t even declared until the 50s! It blows my mind to think how slow the movement of women’s equality has been moving! To think that if only I was born in a different decade and be living a completely different life puts me into a shock!

But to the point. Where are women and their equality rights now? Personally to my own belief I think women need to earn respect and have the sexuality at the same time. Too many often times in just even a single day I see a woman being scrutinized for being sexy, or being used as an object to sell merchandise or any item at all. I am so torn by the subject. I enjoy seeing people, men and women who are sexually proud, people who are not afraid to only talk about sex but who are also fine with their bodies and inner sexuality that they can use  to their advantage.

I realize now that it is the happiness that is brought out of being sexy, of getting something in return that makes a person sexually empowered. NOT for the attention that being sexy brings, but for the enjoyment that an individual is given from it. Women do not need to be out on display in music videos being degraded by rappers and such but I am alright with using your sexuality in a magazine shoot or in advertisement. I feel as though for me that would be sexually empowering, not for the attention but for the fact that I am open enough with my sexuality to be put on display. I know when its said like that it sounds like I just want attention, but in all reality, I get a rush with things like that, with knowing that by a mere picture I’m giving another individual satisfaction, that they find me attractive enough that they would be content with just looking at me. Or even if i were a model and trying to sell a product or an idea, and if my body, face and sexuality can help sell that, I would get satisfaction from it, not because of the attention, but because my appearance is what they are looking for and I can portray that image for them. That would give me tons of sexual enjoyment, empowerment, and happiness. And it would not be just for the attention, or because of daddy issues.

So again, Where are women now?  I believe they need to learn what sexual empowerment is before they can ask for it, and that the women who do know what that is, should not be looked down upon for it. Women who show their sexiness and do so for themselves and the riches they get for it, if they are smart, funny, witty, talented, and beautiful, why can’t they use their sexuality to their advantage? Why is it looked down upon? This is where I think the future of women needs to progress too. To accepting women for all that they are and that they have sexual needs, wants, desires, and urges just as much as a man does, and with the public being okay with that.

Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third-wave_feminism



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