Zach Braff on Zach Braff on Conan

Last night was a great time to be a Braff fan. I have been a fangirl  of the magical, goof ball Zach Braff since the young age of 12! When Scrubs came on in 2001 I was a hard core fan from the beginning. I was there for all the tears, the laughs, (I prefer to act as though season 9 on ABC never happened) and guest stars. Last night on the Conan Show we got a little surprise visit from FLOATING HEAD DOCTOR! And the Scrubs fans burst out in laughter and in memory around the social networks. For those of you who missed it here is the video! Right around the minute mark the green screen goes into effect.

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Oz the Great and Powerful-More like Oz the Good and Conning

Oz the Great and Powerful  is a visual splendor of oohs and aahs but lacks in telling a congruent story to our beloved Wizard of Oz which has aged gracefully in our piercing eyes. Oz is packed with cleverness and wonder but one must consider how poor some of the scripting was, which seemed to have been phoned in by some of the cast.


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