(19 Reasons Why) Zombieland is Awesome

Day 1 of BoOctober, 31 days of some sort of horror movie, counting down to the best day of the year, Halloween. Reviews will be taking place in list formation, because when it comes to time, I’ve about as much as an obese person running from the living dead.

I'm the fat man, and that zombie is time.

I’m the fat man, and that zombie is time.

1.) Zombieland is the prefect movie to watch on the first day of the government lock out, remember that opening scene? Continue reading

Warm Bodies – Not just a Zombie Twilight

Warm Bodies (2013) has been looped in with the Twilight Franchise ever since the first movie poster appeared, but this movie has much more to offer than any Twilight film. Being a skeptic from the get go my heart did eventually warm up to the idea of a Zom-Rom-Com, most likely because of the catchy TV spots with that damn Black Keys song that is impossible to get out of your head.

(Said song being Lonely Boy, which is even catchier than the TV spot.)

Warm Bodies is easily a modern day, zombiefied, loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, so for viewers and critics who claim this is just zombies cashing in on Twilight are seriously missing some cultural background. The main characters are even named Julie and R. R being the zombie love interest (who is hot regardless of the fact that he is dead) can not remember his full name, all he knows is that it begins with an R. Sadly, as much as the overall film screams (or moans) Romeo and Juliet I had not caught on to it until a certain balcony scene. It should have been realized after he couldn’t retrieve his full name and Julie went through a list of ‘R’ names. Continue reading