About Jacki K

Movies and TV shows are in that Horizon, I must get there

Movies and TV shows are in that Horizon, I must get there

Since the age of 13 I, Jacki Krumnow, have been a hardcore movie fanatic of nearly all films. I connected with the flashy pictures, the brilliant scenes, the character depth that could only be portrayed through films, and most of all the story telling.

Years later I am now a poor marketing intern, but my true passion lies in a filthy bed of films and television. I no longer have the pleasure of discussing films with real enthusiasts.

So I would like this blog to serve as a conversation starter for other film fanatics who do not get the opportunity to share their love of a new film they just watched. So please, start a conversation with me.

My obsession with movies and films also overruns my tumblr page: stillprettyfuckingrad.tumblr.com although any reblogs are not my own work.

My go to website for information is cinemablend if you want to check out their webpage.

Jacki K is going to have to put in the obligatory full name down here for SEO purposes, so just ignore the fact that Jacki K’s full name is Jacqueline Krumnow. Thanks.

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