The month of October is usually my favorite. In 2013, I tried reviewing a film every day, as I once had on Facebook years before. On October 6th, my father passed away and I could not continue my review-a-day from the horror genre. In 2014, I will return to BoOctober and follow through with 13 movie reviews, because even a major lost, cannot stop me from celebrating the spookiest month of the year. 2014’s BoOctober will examine Original’s vs. Remakes, 1 movie each day and one post for both films on the second day.

On a side note, my Friday the 13th marathon was not finished in September because my father was diagnosed with the cancer that took his life on the 7th. I will most likely finish my F13 marathon in June 2014, the next Friday the 13th….. I lied, did not do, the next is in February 2015, check back then. This year has been tougher then expected.

A Compilment
2013 – XX Reasons Why – Short one off thoughts of horror movies

2014 – Orginals VS Remakes – Which Classic Horror Films Reign Supreme?

2014-2018 – Sleeper Indie Hits – Horror Movies That are great that you missed out on! Just not all during October!

2020 – Honest Pop Culture Posters – Graphics to make you laugh about honest taglines for classic series.

Caroline from the Poltergeist in front of the TV

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