Women equality in 30 Rock


I am currently smack dab in the middle of a 30 Rock kick thanks to Netflix and incorporating Tina Fey in a presentation for school. And I stumbled upon the season 3 episode 20 jem that is “The Natural Order.” It is a great episode! It tackles equality in such a funny manner of racism and sexism that you can’t help but laugh! It is peppered with jokes that are big subjects in my women’s colloquium class that I HAD to write a response to it. The basis that is the natural order of things; is around Tracy (the black star of the show) and Liz (the woman boss of the show) after Liz tries to force Tracy out of his preferential star treatment and he reverses the “equality” spin (after Liz receives a “race card” for being racist towards Tracy) making the crew treat Liz like one of the guys.

Tracy tries to Imagetell Liz how it isn’t right to treat everyone equally, and the episode does this with a plethora of jokes as their arsenal. Liz is to be treated like a guy with the other men of the office by these men farting around Liz, inviting her to strip clubs, and in a wonderfully subtle scene with Jack he mentions how he “pays her a little less” and “has to hold conversations and coddle” Liz unlike when he speaks with the men.

Liz doesn’t let this go though, she forces Tracy to sat at work while everyone else goes to the strip club and work on the show.

I believe that the show does a great job at pointing out how the work world still has sexism, but the end resolution is that they both buckle at the same time (Liz not enjoying herself at the strip club and Tracy whining about too much work) and decide that they have to be treated differently. But in this case I think it is done responsibly, although the show does a great job of setting up all the problems that surround the lack of equality in the work place, when it comes down to it, the work place should have a natural order of things. One joke was that Liz had to change the water color by herself, she made a mess and had no idea how to do it. An instance where a man may have been better suited. And yes, women prefer a conversation and to be listened to while men are straight to the point. I think that these are things in the work place that should be acknowledged but not changed. I believe that there should be some give and take when it comes to equality in the work place.

~Jacki K

One comment on “Women equality in 30 Rock

  1. “natural order” can be a slippery slope depending on who is defining/who believes he has the right to define it. Conservatives would define stay-at-home moms, financial inequity, women as secondary to men as “natural.” When we get into the whole men from Mars
    women from Venus dichotomy, we assign what is probably cultural to “natural order.” Just because culture says men can be vulgar among themselves, does that make it more or less natural than other behaviors? I haven’t seen this episode; I got away from the show in the last year or more, so I can’t say for sure. I would expect Tina Fey to have a decent point to make.

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